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Hold your breath before you see what Matilda Pinault, Salma Hayek's attractive daughter, looks like today

Hold your breath before you see what Matilda Pinault, Salma Hayek's attractive daughter, looks like today

Beautiful actress and film producer Salma Hayek She has been married since 2009 to a millionaire businessman François-Henri Pinault; They both share Valentina's paternity Pinault Hayek. Although Valentina is Salma's only daughter, the actress adopted Francois' children from previous marriages – Augustine James and Francois W. Mathilde Pinault– As if they were their own.

François-Henri Pinault He was married to the French model Dorothy Lieber, and as a result of this love they had a son Francois (1998) and Mathilde Pinault (2002). After divorcing the French woman, he married Linda Evangelista, with whom he had Augustine James. Pinault. Fortunately they all get along well Salma Hayek They have managed to create a large family, which regularly shares vacations.

children PinaultHer daughter, Valentina, lived her childhood in the shadow of fame, due to her parents’ position in the field of fashion and business. Despite his association with his father's high society Mathilde Pinault He has adopted a reserved stance to protect his family's privacy. Couple, consisting of: Salma Hayek And François-Henri PinaultShe sought to provide a balanced upbringing for her children, allowing them to make decisions about their exposure to the public world.

Valentina's daughter Salma Hayek And François-Henri PinaultShe is sometimes seen at public events with her parents. However, the family tried to maintain a certain amount of secrecy in their daily life, avoiding excessive media scrutiny. As sons Pinault As I grew older, some of them began to take their own space in the public sphere, like MAttildethe eldest daughter of the luxury brand president, recently celebrated her 23rd birthday.

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Source: Mathilde Pinault's Instagram

twentieth birthday Mathilde Pinault It was a social media highlight. With over 100k followers on Instagram, Mathilde He received thousands of congratulatory messages, including a special message from his stepmother, Salma Hayek. And in a wife's post François-Henri Pinault He expressed his love and pride for the woman Mathilde This sparked positive comments from followers who praised the relationship and the beauty of the two women. “Happy Birthday Tildy Tildy Tildy, we love you and are so proud of the woman you have become,” the message read. Selma Dedicated to Mathilde.

Source: Salma Hayek's Instagram