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Adamari Lopez talked about the reason that prompted her to move away from acting

Adamari Lopez talked about the reason that prompted her to move away from acting

Adamari Lopez expressed that being a mother is the most important thing to her and that she prefers to devote her time and energy to her daughter, Aliyah. Although she enjoys acting and is passionate about acting, she decided to prioritize her role as a mother above any other role.

“at the moment, Driving gives me the opportunity to spend more time with my daughter, and this does not mean that I am closed to acting; Simply put, at this moment, to spend more time with her, driving is the solution,” he stated in an interview conducted by Adrian Uribe.

Although this decision has been made, the Puerto Rican does not rule out the possibility of returning to acting in the future. For now, she is focusing on her role as a mother and continuing to grow as a presenter in the world of television.

Toni Costa's former romantic partner couldn't help but talk about her little daughter, who has a lot to do with her decisions: “She is nine years old, and she has grown a lot. She is almost taller than me. I know it is not difficult, but she is big. She is a good, loving, noble girl, I drool over my girl. Fortunately, the fans have given me the honor of being around her, and they continue to support me and my family and continue to support what I do.

During the day, I do a YouTube show that comes out every week, with Chiquibaby, Ada, and Chiqui from Show, and that's where we tell a few of our stories Of life, the things that happened to us, when we left a TV station, when we had our girls, a little bit of everything, the pages that were turned, and the ones that were not. But without a dream.

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The Univision host shared that she is enjoying every moment with her daughter and that she has decided to focus on jobs that allow her to spend more time at home, such as TV hosting.

“I was there for 11 years, that cycle ended and suddenly the opportunity presented itself again “I keep testing myself as a host, but for a game show, and you know that here, in the United States, game shows are for men, and it's not a women's thing,” she said.

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