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Orlando Bloom talks about his life with Katy Perry

Orlando Bloom talks about his life with Katy Perry

(CNN) — Orlando Bloom knows that relationship success often requires personal growth.

On Thursday, the actor participated in the program “What Now? with Trevor Noah,” where he talked about his new documentary series, “Orlando Bloom: To the Edge.” Noah also asked him about his life outside of work, and commented that Bloom and partner Katy Perry seem to live a “normal life.”

“I think one of the things I fell in love with Katie for is…she hates when I say this, so I have to put it carefully, but her music was everywhere, wasn't it? When she got there, it was everywhere,” Bloom answered. “Radio stations, but I wasn't aware of what I was listening to. “I fell in love with Katherine, a girl from Santa Barbara.”

He went on to say that Perry He had parents who were “food stamp sponsors.” “We're not talking about glamorous Montecito. It's the side (of Santa Barbara) that no one knows about.”

Perry also “demands me to grow, and I feel like I'm doing the same for her,” Bloom said.

“And that makes fireworks, pardon the pun,” he said (referring to Perry’s song “Fireworks”). “But it also provides a lot of fun and a lot of growth.”

The two started dating in 2016. They welcomed their daughter Daisy Dove in 2020.

Bloom added that she wouldn't trade the relationship for anything.

“I wouldn't trade it for anything, even when sometimes it's like, 'How do we do this?' Because we have these two careers and this giant life, and its life is like the universe sometimes,” he said.

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