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Adamari Lopez revealed the cruel way Luis Fonsi asked him for a divorce

Adamari Lopez revealed the cruel way Luis Fonsi asked him for a divorce

The world of entertainment has witnessed wonderful romantic couples who, over time, unfortunately decided to end their romantic relationship. One of them was made up of Adamari Lopez And Luis Fonsi, They were married from 2006 to 2010, and almost 14 years later, the secrets of the aforementioned relationship continue to emerge.

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In one of the interviews, the Puerto Rican broadcaster did not hesitate to express how her romantic relationship with the “Despacito” singer ended. Moreover, he revealed that Then her husband asked for a divorce in the most horrific ways via his cell phone.

“Things were really cold between me and Fonsi, but I didn't know if it was the distance. He promoted, but it was a cold relationship. I always hope this gets better. I wasn't home, so he got angry and said, When I finish work everything will return to normal. So I went back to Miami, but nothing was improving, and they wouldn't pick me up from the airport. He didn't talk much, we lived on top of things. We spent about a year without anything and one day while traveling he called me and told me he wanted a divorce. He told me he didn't want any more“, admitted the Puerto Rican on Yordi Rosado's YouTube show.

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