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Adamari Lopez recounts a difficult moment when she underwent a mastectomy in her battle against cancer

Adamari Lopez recounts a difficult moment when she underwent a mastectomy in her battle against cancer

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, For this reason, the presenter Rodner Figueroa The actress called Adamari Lopez she has “Face to Face with Roadrunner” podcastTo discuss the difficult illness that the Puerto Rican woman faced when she was 33 years old.

During the last episode of the program, the Venezuelan had an interesting conversation with the former presenter of the program Telemundo About her diagnosis and testimony as a cancer survivor now.

However, it was one particular question that shook the soap opera actress completely.The wild cat”Provoke him Nostalgia and even tears.


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“I’m going to ask you a question that makes me uncomfortable to ask you, but I want you to be honest with these women who may be going through this process, God forbid. When you have a mastectomy and see yourself for the first time without breasts, how does a woman deal with that? Rudner asked him.

A visibly emotional Adamari Lopez responded through tears: “I don’t think I’ve been asked that for a long time…”

“Sorry, that wasn’t my intention. The point was to help.”Rudner noted.

“Sometimes you think that with time you will get over what happened. At that moment I wanted to focus a lot on being healthy and looking healthy. But, for example, when I took my breasts off, one breast was slightly higher than the other. I had my right breast removed, which was the breast with cancer, and I left the left one because in my desire to be a mother I wanted to breastfeed my baby when it happened …,” the Puerto Rican explained when she recalled her mastectomy.

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“But if, You think I’m going to lose my femininity, is this person going to want to marry me, how am I going to handle work as well, I mean there were a lot of questions. When you appear on TV, a lot of what you work on is the body and the body then changes me in all aspects: in the breast, in the after I gained weight and my hair fell out.. Many things happened. It was a shock of all the things I had been through, which, I understand, I was getting over with time.he detailed everything he experienced in 2005.

During the interview, which lasted nearly an hour, Adamari Lopez revealed how difficult it was to adapt after having her right breast removed.

“My breasts were a little higher.” Because when they removed my breasts they put an expander on me and that expander is like an empty balloon that they fill with fluid and that’s what creates space again for the skin to expand because they’re removing the muscle and everything. What you have behind the breast eliminates any possibility of cancer. When I got to a size that theoretically matched my breasts, they stopped filling them until later after I had created that space, so I could remove them and place the implant I have today. “But at that time one was higher than the other,” he added.

finishing, Adamari stressed that everything he went through was “difficult” like what many cancer patients experience. He also urged his followers and those going through this disease to continue fighting “until they know that they are capable of overcoming it.” But we do not stop recognizing that this is a difficult and difficult process.

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