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Pedro Pascal appears on “SNL” to help Bad Bunny with his monologue

Pedro Pascal appears on “SNL” to help Bad Bunny with his monologue

(CNN) — Helping your friends is the best solution, according to Pedro Pascal.

in a barrier Surprisingly, on a new episode of “Saturday Night Live,” Pascal did it for his “friend” Bad Bunny, who asked him for advice on how to perform his monologue in his first appearance as host on the long-running comedy show.

The “Last of Us” actor told Bad Bunny, who introduced himself as “Benito” (his full name is Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio), that he could win over audiences by sharing an “embarrassing” photo of himself.

On Pascal’s advice, Bad Bunny showed a photo in which he appeared wearing a towel.

“Clearly there is nothing to mock you,” Pascal joked after seeing him. Sexual picture.

Pascal later appeared in A slice With cast members Marcelo Hernandez and newcomer Chloe Trost. In the film, Pascal played Hernandez’s mother, who was slow to warm up to his new girlfriend (Trost).

Pascal hosted “SNL” in February with guest band Coldplay.

Bad Bunny pulled double duty on Saturday’s episode, serving as host and musical guest. Legendary singer of the Rolling Stones, Mick JaggerAnd lady gaga They made a surprise appearance in a star-studded episode.

“SNL” will return next week with the comedian Nate Bargazzi as host and Foo Fighters as musical guests.

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