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Andy Vasquez calls on Cubans to show Diaz-Canel “frustration” that they live in the United States.

Andy Vasquez calls on Cubans to show Diaz-Canel “frustration” that they live in the United States.

Cuban comedian Andy Vasquez He called on Cuban immigrants to show the governor Miguel Diaz-Canel The “frustration” they experience in the United States.

In a video clip uploaded to him social networksThe actor showed a moment from his “frustrating” life in that country, which he arrived in December 2019.

Driving a convertible Mercedes-Benz with his wife and daughter, the famous comedian sarcastically addressed the Cuban ruler.

“Díaz-Canel, look at the frustration we feel!” Vázquez shouted with obvious relief: “The frustrated people welcome you here!”

The actor, who was wearing a white Polo Ralph Lauren shirt, sunglasses and a flashy watch, smiled as he danced to a song that was broadcast on his car radio.

“Upload your video showing Díaz-Canel the frustration you feel in Yuma. Upload your videos and put this hashtag #frustradoenlayuma,” the Cuban encouraged his compatriots.

His call aims to become a response from the Cuban exile to the words of the resident of the Palace of the Revolution, who recently confirmed that The Cubans who cannot find the American dream are those who hate the revolution.

“The others, unfortunately, are filled with hatred. I think that in that hatred there is also a state of non-recognition of failure, because there are some who leave – I will not speak in absolute terms if they are more or less – but who have not found the American dream, they are left in a situation More deprived than they could have been in Cuba, at least they were left in a situation of greater social insecurity than they could have been in Cuba,” he said.

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According to the leader, there is so much hatred aroused in these Cubans who immigrated, that they cannot admit that the country they went to did not welcome them and did not give them the opportunities they expected.

He stressed, “Then they turn against Cuba, against the revolution, as if the revolution was the reason they made this decision.”

Vazquez, who arrived in Miami after… A section of the famous program Vivir del Cuento Because of the criticism he made of the situation on the island through his character Facundo Correto, he called on Cubans to refute the governor’s words with a sense of humor.

After settling in the United States.The comedian became part of the TV shows MegaTV and Univista of the famous Cuban comedian Carlocho. In August 2021, He was able to reunite in Miami with his wife and daughter.

During his time in Florida, Andy Vasquez criticized the Cuban totalitarian regime.

“I was frustrated in Cuba when I left a 24-hour shift and couldn’t sleep due to a revolutionary power outage,” one user commented in Vazquez’s post.

Another said: “The dreams of those of us here in Cuba are disappointing.” Another asked sarcastically: “Wasn’t Miami a graveyard for artists?” A third said: “I’m the happiest frustrated person in the world.”

“Cannell is the father of idiots. A sarcastic type who I don’t know how he’s not ashamed… Well, he’s not that depressing,” concluded another, returning the title to the leader of the “continuity” who rose to prominence in the acts of destruction begun by the dictator in 1959. Fidel Castro.

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