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Aceline Derbez and Jonathan Cobain show off their love in a romantic postcard

Aceline Derbez and Jonathan Cobain show off their love in a romantic postcard

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Aceline Derbez He no longer hides his love for the influencer Jonathan Cobain and again Stand with his girlfriend on social networking sites.

It was through Instagram Stories that she was the eldest daughter of Eugenio Derbez She shared a cute black and white photo of her lying on her boyfriend’s lap, who gently grabs her by the head.

On this occasion, the actress did not dedicate any romantic letter to her boyfriend, but limited herself to tagging her boyfriend.

Aceline Derbez
Photo: Capture Instagram Storiesaislinnderbez

According to the couple’s previous posts, everything seems to indicate that they have broken up in recent days due to their work commitments, but this week they met again in Mexico City, along with Kelani, the actress’ daughter.

Aileen Derbez LLC Mauricio Uchmann After the divorce was announced, They decide to give themselves another chance in love with their partners.

Although the actor was the first to announce his engagement to him Paulina Burola, Last June, which sparked thousands of criticism, everything seems to indicate that He and Aceline Derbez both started dating other people around the same time, Since the young actress revealed that she has been in a relationship with influencer Jonathan Cobain for nine months.

It was December 1, when Derbies’ biggest band revealed their relationship with the influencer after months of rumours.

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