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According to science, pollution literally gets into your bones

According to science, pollution literally gets into your bones

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  • Analysis of human remains from a period of approximately 12,000 years reveals this Metal particles in the air stick to bones and teeth.
  • Scientists point to the future with a High degree of toxic concentration Because of this process that has been intensified with intensive manufacturing.
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    Whether the particles released in the industrial production process are harmful is already known. sRespiratory symptoms, toxins and many other disorders They offended people who worked or spent a lot of time in heavy materials factories and other centers. however, The effects may be inherent, and they will be, because the metal particles are literally embedded in the bones, as an investigation into Quds University.

    The discovery was made by analyzing a mass grave in Italy with people Lived near Rome 12,000 years ago. Thanks to the long time period of the remains, scientists were able to Compare and analyze To reach the conclusion that metal particles that expand with industrial pollution pose a great danger to public health because they remain inside the body.

    Comparing the remains from 12,000 years ago to the 17th century allowed us to record the level of contamination each time in the skeletons of bones and teeth. “This documentation of lead contamination throughout human history notably indicates that many of the calculated dynamics in lead production are replicated in human exposure. For simplicity’s sake: The more produced, the more likely it is to be absorbed into the body. This has a very toxic effectThe teacher explains Yigel Erel, lead author of the study and a member of the Earth Sciences Institute.

    Absorption by inhalation

    The researchers remember this in their study These particles come from electronic products, batteries, solar panels and wind turbines, among other things for daily use are manufactured in a massive way.

    According to experts, Simply by inhaling these synthetic mineral particles are already incorporated into the body. But they also warn about it Simply by putting on the headphones, the metallic materials are transferred to the body. In fact, the analyzes found evidence in both the teeth and bones of the remains analyzed, according to A report published in the scientific journal Enviromental Science Technologies.

    As the manufacturing of these products ramped up and with the example of the world’s first major manufacturing operations, scientists wanted to warn about the future. “The close relationship between production levels and concentrations in the past suggests that Without proper regulation, we will continue to harm health due to toxic metal contamination.Yigel Erel warns.

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