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Rinden homenaje al doctor José Nicolás Pimentel

They pay tribute to Dr. José Nicholas Pimentel

Santo Domingo. – During The 2nd National Conference on Medical Education “Quality Assurance of Medical Education in the COVID-19 Pandemic”, The Dominican Association of Colleges and Schools of Medicine (Adofem) He has praised Dr. José Nicholas Pimentel for his dedication and dedication to medical education, being Dean for over 28 years and Specialty Educator for 35 years, as well as President of the Society.

Present in the Academic Council Chamber of the Central University of the East, Dr. Miguel Polonio, President of Adofem and Associate Dean of the UCE College of Health Sciences; Mary Ann Butler, Dean of PUCMM; Marcos Nunez, Dean of UNIBE; Fernando Santamaria, INTEC Health District Director; Danilo Ricourt, Dean of the University of Utah. William Duke, Dean of UNPHU; Brunel Santos, Dean of the University of California, Dr. and other university authorities.

About nine international lecturers participated in the conference, such as Dr. Ricardo Leon Borques, President of the American Association of Colleges and Schools of Medicine. Engineer Raul Diaz of the CTO Group; Marita Vasquez of Yales University. Matthews Dassault, University of Texas; Dr.. Dr. Juan Martinez, International Consultant; Judson Eberly and Eduardo Matta for Lictorio.

Welcoming speeches were delivered by the President of the University and President of the Dominican Association of University Presidents, José Hazem Torres, and Dr. Juan Francisco Filória, Deputy Minister of MESCyT, representing the President of the Foundation, Dr. Franklin García Fermin.

Several important issues for the future of medical education in the country were presented about quality assurance and how to overcome and overcome various obstacles in the midst of the pandemic to train competencies in the medical future of the twenty-first century.

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