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Access to the atlas would be a plus on my way: Moudou Aguirre

Access to the atlas would be a plus on my way: Moudou Aguirre

White smoke came out, and atlas assured him The second reinforcement for him Opening 2023Good Edward Aguirre Officially, and Coahuila striker He did not hide the emotion of this new challenge in his career.

mute come on loan from St. Lagoonbrother foxesand it would be the third team of his career where he also ran Tampico Madero.

“he Nice opportunity For my career, I have come to a club like Atlas that has won big in recent tournaments. It will be added on my way“.

turned 25 goals in 117 matches with the lakesand knows that access Red and black Should pay off in more annotations.

You have minutesScoring goals, helping the team in whatever I have to do, thinking I can be Champions In the tournaments we will play.

Julio Verch meets again…

He knows he will have quality in attack with items like Mauro ManotasAnd Julian Quinones And Julius Caesar Verch.

I’m excited to play with themwith the whole team, I had to be with Julius VerchHe’s a great guy, he’s a great team and he’s got a lot of players Competitiveness“.

Aguirre already exists in Pearl Tapatia To work with your new technician, Benjamin Morathus getting ready to start the competition.

It makes me so excitedThere are most players who have achieved it, is The winning groupAnd I’m so excited to be coming to this team.”

This is expected to be confirmed on Friday Matthew Garcia like Third reinforcement From the Guadalajara Palette.

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