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Abinader pone la mira en el 24

Abenader sets his sights on 24

Yesterday, Abenader launched the election campaign cry of the Modern Revolution Party, during an act in which he participated new powers to that official organisation.

“Don’t look back,” the president said repeatedly in a clear message to the electorate who would have to do so. Go to the polls in 2024.

Abenadr He warned that other states’ time was “already over”.

His statements came during the development of a political session at the Sports Palace “Virgilio Travieso Soto”, where the president indicated his readiness to run for a second presidential term.

During his speech at this event, the purpose of which was to provide testimonies to the new authorities of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), Abenadr He argued that this political organization is the result of a Democratic call inconsistent with party leaders.

In the same way, he asserted that nearly two years ago the action and promise of change made the people turn them into the greatest political force in the country and that they assert today that the Dominicans know what they were doing when they were elected Route destinations Dominican Republic.

After noting that they had outwitted the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) by many, the president was emphatic in noting that the time of this political entity “has passed”, and that “although today they are trying to deceive us again, we Dominicans have the memory and know The best place (the badestas) is in the opposition; where they can shout, but they cannot harm people’s lives and profit from the government.”

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In the same way, Abenadr He emphasized that the other presidential candidates in the upcoming election event “have the nerve to present themselves the same faces, the same personalities they rule, and they have done absolutely nothing for the country.”

Abenader of the opposition

The president’s message was “contribute or leave.” Abenadr Target leaders of political parties who intend to gain power.

He admitted that previous presidents complained about problems they “never knew how to solve”, and cited cases of inflation and the deviation Which, in his opinion, reached record numbers in those governments.

He announced in front of more than 400 people that his government had made the country a model for others.

“We no longer occupy the first places in global corruption But those of growth and idealism,” the head of state said.

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the match.

“We are the party that Represents all Dominicans, For peasants, workers, youth, professionals, women and businessmen. نحن حزب الجميع. We are the party that best represents the country.”

Likewise, he highlighted the qualities he understood that characterize his party.

“We are the party that represents all Dominicans, peasants, workers, youth, professionals, women and businessmen. We are everyone’s party. We are the best party to represent the Dominican Republic.

To culminate in his nearly 16-minute speech, the Dominican president called on all citizens to “not look back.”

“The past is corruption and impunity, don’t look back, the past is wasted and ineffective, don’t look back… look forward, don’t look back,” Abenader identified as everyone shouted “Four more years.”

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Corrupt and corrupt culture

In the law’s central speech, the president stated that the PRM party won the 2020 elections against a corrupt and perverted culture that bases private interests over the public interest.

In the same sense, he noted, “The people took the modern revolutionary party to the presidency in their conviction that whoever was ruling no longer represented collective interests, because they put the personal and collective aspirations of their leaders above the interests of the ‘Dominicans.’”

He also added that citizens should not forget that the real victory of a political party is achieved not only when power is achieved, but when this power is used to serve the people and solve real problems of the people.

He stated that this political organization was established to defend democracy, as they were born to restore dignity to a country that advocates freedom, justice, equal opportunities and work.

Santo Domingo: Members of the PPM and its senior leadership expressed their full support for President Luis Abenader’s administration of the government, handed testimonies to the elected leaders and made their main assets in terms of campaign strategy and who was the head of the presidential campaign Roberto Fulcar, who was proposed as Chairman of the National Strategy Committee.

At a testimonial ceremony for members of the Political Directorate, the President of the PRM, José Ignacio Bución, highlighted the contributions of Roberto Fulcar and Cesar Sidiano, proposing the first to chair the party’s National Strategy Committee.

Volkar was the campaign manager for the last election of 2020, an intelligent political outreach with deep roots within that organization, and the director of the critical strategies that were key to PRM’s victory.

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Deligne Ascención, Coordinator of the Convention Organizing Committee, handed over election certificates to José Baleza and Carolina Mejía as President and General Secretary, respectively; In addition to three vice presidents and three general assistant secretaries.