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A successful educational space promoted by medicine and public health

A successful educational space promoted by medicine and public health

With the participation of more than 10 specialists, the patients dispelled their doubts and were able to cure their condition.

Specialists affirmed their commitment to Atopic Dermatitis education and awareness.

The event was a success skin disease: Creating Awareness and Empowerment, organized by the Journal of Medicine and Public Health, where a group of dermatologists, patients, and health professionals supported attendance.

Interaction and purpose were achieved thanks to a commitment to patients, a fact that sets important precedents for the benefit of the population with this condition, with the affected population of Puerto Rico reaching at least 300,000 citizens.

Through various conferences and direct contact with specialists, people had the opportunity to dispel doubts about the accurate diagnosis of skin diseasePathophysiology skin diseaseThe skin disease Lifestyles, Eczema, and Dry Skin: How to Relieve Its Symptoms, as well as the testimonials of two patients and a dermatologist who strive to be the voice of patients.

In this sense, the Dr.. Jose Gonzalez ChavezSave the importance of educational spaces in public places where people can go and talk directly with the specialist.

“I am so excited about this mission that we have just consciously undertaken from skin disease. It is a highly prevalent disease in Puerto Rico, affecting 10 to 12 percent of people.”

He stressed that the most important thing is that next September 14 will be International Day skin diseasea national day will be declared in Puerto Rico, with the aim of supporting patients, a fact that is done not only through this call, but also through an alliance for the benefit of patients.

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“We are trying to bring together all the people, that is, to include patients, family members and doctors who want to help us implement this campaign so that we can provide access and treatment to patients in Puerto Rico,” explained Dr. Gonzalez Chavez. .

For her part, dermatologist Dr. Marley Santiago stressed the importance of being proactive when a diagnosis is in doubt, a call she made not only for health professionals, but also for patients.

Meanwhile, Lee Nevis, a patient who shared his testimony with the Journal of Medicine, Public Health and Attendance, recounted the importance of treatment and clinical advances.

“Look for the information, there is now a lot, there are doctors who are working with new biologics for this condition and they are moving positively for patients with skin disease. Emphasize that there is hope, and there are options, don’t get discouraged, and while some of them are very expensive, they can be done.

Special programming for World Atopic Dermatitis Day

This space was just an introduction to the special programs that the Journal of Medicine and Public Health will implement on September 14th on World Health Day. skin diseaseWe will give lectures to educate all patients no matter where they are in the world.