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A new reason to see The House of Famous 3

A new reason to see The House of Famous 3

Madison Anderson and Pepe Gamez, the first finalists of the third season of La Casa de los Famosos, started out as rivals. For weeks, the only constant in a season filled with unexpected twists and turns has been the nomination and points shooting at each other every Thursday.

For this reason, we never witnessed the Advent An unexpected turn of events Season’s hottest and 24/7 regulars know exactly what we mean: Pepison (Pepe + Madison)

Pipson’s chemistry makes Twitter gasp with every look, joke, or word of encouragement they share. Hundreds of videos, memes, hashtags (#Pepison) and La Jefa hashtags come out of this every time it plays consistently 24/7.

For them it is just friendship. Madison had a boyfriend of several months ago, Con Davis and Pepe began a relationship with actress Alida Nunez while they lived in La Casa.

Patty and Jose don’t seem very happy and they both express jealousy about Pedison’s romantic alliance.

For Twitter, it’s another story (below are some examples) For more adventures of #Pepison in real time, come watch 24/7 from La Casa de los Famosos

Don’t miss La Casa de los Famosos Sunday through Friday at 7pm on Telemundo

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