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This is what Kimberly, the Pink “Power Ranger” looks like 30 years after the series premiere

This is what Kimberly, the Pink “Power Ranger” looks like 30 years after the series premiere

The North American series The Power Rangers swept kids and young adults audiences in the 1990s, during its six seasons. This was performed by Austin St. John, Walter Jones, Amy Jo Johnson, David Yost, Tui Trang, and Jason David Frank.

One of the most impressive Power Rangers for its beauty was the pink suit-wearing Kimberly Hart, a character played by Amy Jo Johnson, an American-Canadian singer, gymnast, and songwriter.

The actress is currently 52 years old and last appeared in show business in 2014, since her withdrawal from the hit series Six Ninjas Who Fought Against Aliens during the third season.

After that, the actress landed some roles in series such as “Felicity” and “Flash Point” and as a director in the new series “Superman and Lois”, but she did not do so constantly due to an elbow injury that forced her to retire. .gymnastics and acting for a few years.

Now the actress is devoted to country music in the band known as “Valhalla” and is a songwriter and vocalist.

In a post on her Instagram, Jo Johnson wore a blue Power Rangers jacket, an image that many followers of the famous hit series commented like: “Nice jacket”, “It’s perfect”, “I can’t wait for see you”, among others .

Last April, Netflix premiered the special “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once and Always”, a show that would bring together the cast of the series and in which Pink Power was expected to appear, however, Amy Jo Johnson could not be So is the present, which many followers of the series lamented: “You missed the 30th anniversary special #mmpr. I think Kimberly was perfect to become Trini’s daughter’s guardian.”

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