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Adamari Lopez: How much money does he give per week to his daughter Aaliyah |  Celebrities United States nnda nnlt |  Fame

Adamari Lopez: How much money does he give per week to his daughter Aaliyah | Celebrities United States nnda nnlt | Fame

It is not possible Adamari Lopez He tries to instill many things in himself Alia’s daughter, who is eight years old and already knows what it means to manage his money. According to the former Telemundo host, she does it so her young daughter will understand the importance of saving. Because of this habit of the minor, we wonder how much money her mother gives her per week?

The actress, through a post on her Facebook account, also asked her millions of followers for advice. “My beautiful people, you already know that saving is important, but much more so if we learn from childhood and this is what I do with Aliya. We have created a saving system that I will share with you and of course you can do it too. The financial issue is definitely a very important issue and what method do you use With your children?And indicated in the description.

The Puerto Rican is clear about the things she should instill in her little girl, Aliyah (Photo: Adamari López/Instagram)

How much money does ADAMAR LÓPEZ give ALÏA per week?

To start commenting on the habits that you instill in your girl, it is necessary to mention this Adamari Lopez He gives eight dollars a week to his daughter, Aliya.

“He’s 8 years old now, because when the week starts, On Mondays she has $8 to herself. Sometimes she asks me to give it to her physically or sometimes she just says to me, “Spare me $8.” And if she feels like she needs something during the day, she asks me for it, or if she wants ice cream and says, “Mommy, I want ice cream. Today,” I can Usually I buy it for her, obviously with my money, which is hers.he explains.

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According to him, the daughter he has with Toni Costa has a bank account. She has different little pigs where she puts money Every time they give him coins or he has something left over from the week’s benefit. He puts it in his piggy bank or in his bank here at home and then with all those coins that we take later and She has a bank account where she has saved a certain amount of money.“, It is detailed.

Adamari López identified that so far andIn the minor’s bank account, only deposits were made, no amount was withdrawn; it’s more, Aliya told him that she wanted to save up to pay for her university studiesThis filled her with emotion and pride.

She’s excited because her daughter told her she’s looking forward to saving for her future (Photo: Adamari López/Facebook)

As we noted above, the first thing a girl does is save her money in different pigs, according to her needs, and when she needs to spend on something, she tells her mother. “If it’s Dad’s birthday or Mom’s birthday and you want to take from that savings, that’s a good way to create that awareness of the work, the tasks that maybe he can do around the house, and that through those tasks that he does he can save ‘a little bit of money to buy something You want it or a special toy.”“, he said in his Facebook video.

Moreover, when a little girl wants to give a gift to a classmate, she tells her mother to see how they will go about making the purchase.

“I think it’s an important topic to talk to your children, to teach them how to manage money, and that not all the money that comes to you has to be wasted or you have to buy something with that amount of money, but you can save for your future, for something that is important that you want to buy later.Lopez said. To watch the Facebook video.

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Toni Costa with the host and his little Alaia, with whom they have a good relationship (Photo: Adamari López / Instagram)