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Chikes fears for her life after her uncles and grandparents are accused: ‘If something happens to me, you know where it comes from’

Chikes fears for her life after her uncles and grandparents are accused: ‘If something happens to me, you know where it comes from’

Jenni Rivera’s eldest daughter made controversial statements about her family last weekend during a concert in Los Angeles, criticizing the actions of her uncles.

I’m very disappointed in some people“Who they say they are, who say they love my mother, who would do anything for her and talk badly about my siblings, who want to take from them or have taken from them what my mother worked for so many years to give us,” he claimed.

“Her fans know very well that she always said that everywhere She was working for her children, She concluded her speech amid applause from the audience: “Not for the sake of her sister, not for the sake of her brother, not for the sake of her mother or father. She worked, for whom? For the sake of her children.”

Since 2021, the singer and her four siblings They are estranged from their uncles, Juan and Rosie Rivera. They both worked for companies protecting their late mother’s legacy and wealth. His aunt Rosie was CEO and left amid accusations of alleged mismanagement.

Chiquis is afraid something will happen to her

After what he said at his party and the clear division it has caused within the Riveras region now Chiquis fears for her integrity.

“I feel it in my heart I have to leave this in writing…,” he wrote on X, formerly Twitter, on Wednesday afternoon, December 6.

Chiquis felt the need to express her fear.

credit: Chikis/X

A minute later, the 38-year-old singer issued another message that had many of her fans concerned.

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“I I only spoke what my heart feltFrom my point of view,” he said at first.

“But I make it clear If something happens to me, you know where it comes from“He warned, expressing his fear for his life and safety.

This is the letter in which Chikes expresses her fear for her life.

credit: Chikis/X

In another tweet, Chikes made it clear that although she felt threatened, she would not give up: “ But I don’t bendHe said: “Because my God is stronger!”

Chiquis made this warning amid the family feud in which she was involved.

credit: Chikis/X

In his latest post in X, which was issued on Wednesday night, the 6th of this month, he issued a warning.

“I tell you: This “poor situation” “It won’t take you anywhere good,” he wrote, without specifying who he was addressing.

Chiquis also made this post, but did not say who it was directed to.

credit: Chikis/X

The origin of the lawsuit between Chikes and her uncles

In January 2022, Chikes broadcast an alleged embezzlement of $80,000 In one of his late mother’s companies which was allegedly committed by someone close to his aunt Rosie Rivera while she was still the CEO. That position is now held by Jackie Rivera, another of Jenni Rivera’s daughters.

The singer also stated that “it has something to do” with the song “Queen Bee” and demanded his niece’s share.

Days later, Chikis made her controversial statements at a Los Angeles concert.

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Juan Rivera sends a strong warning to Chiquis: “Last warning about the ‘Queen Bee’”