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“My ex-husband is my best friend” |  Listín Diario

“My ex-husband is my best friend” | Listín Diario

Six years ago Celine Toribio She divorced Giancarlo Cersic, but unlike many couples, the actress and her ex-husband have such an excellent relationship that they are best friends and consult each other about everything.

“Giancarlo Cersic, my friend Ex-husband, He’s my best friend. “I wouldn’t buy a cell phone if I didn’t call him because to me he’s the smartest man I’ve ever met,” the actress said on the communication podcast. Lisa BlancoBetween clouds and fire“.

Toribio said that her current partner, whom she calls “Big Mr“, aware of it relationship The three of them even go out with her ex to dinner together.

“I’m going to have dinner with Giancarlo, but Giancarlo has his partner and I have mine. Now Giancarlo never introduced me to his partner, he showed her in pictures, but he did it with me. We went out to dinner and I cooked for both of them.”He explained, explaining the good relationship between them.

Regarding the reason for their divorce, the “Maria Montez” actress admitted that her ex-husband was looking for a mother in her and she was looking for a father in him. “The minute I stopped being his mother, and he stopped being my father, everything was really shattered.”

Celine Toribio And Giancarlo Čerčić Their relationship lasted ten years, and they met in front of the cameras in 1998 when the broadcaster, model and actress conducted an interview with the director and businessman of a company. Hollywood.

Currently, communication and product is also in relationship In which he says that he is happy and at peace

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Selenis Toribio had always hoped to become a mother, which is why she underwent three in vitro fertilization procedures, but all of them failed.