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Enrique Iglesias is selling his entire music catalog for over $100 million

Enrique Iglesias is selling his entire music catalog for over $100 million

spanish singer, Enrique IglesiasHe decided to sell everything he had Music catalogue to The influence of media partnersa platform focused on investing in the recording and publishing rights to songs that have been commercially proven to resonate in popular culture.

Although the amount Churches His receipt was not officially revealed, and various sources close to the Spanish musician indicate that the hero’s translator received a sum greater than 9 figures, that is, more than $100 million.

It should be noted that in addition The influence of media partners From now on you will have all the music rights Enrique Iglesiasthe New York company will also have the rights to the artist’s name and image.

Enrique Iglesias received over $100 million for his music rights.
Image source: AFP/Getty Images

Thanks to this procedure, Churches He joins a select list of artists who have decided to sell their music catalog to a company of this type such as Shakira, Justin Beiber, Hot red pepper, Bob Dylanamong other things.

What does it mean that Enrique Iglesias sold his entire music catalog?

According to what was reported by Bloomberg. Enrique Iglesias He was actively involved in selling his music with The influence of media partners. However, according to Fernando Guiccardi, the singer’s manager, Iglesias’ catalog would have cost much more than what they received.

“We could have made more money if we had gone to more places, but we didn’t because that’s not what it was about.”

Fernando Guiccardi

Technical director Enrique Iglesias

According to Guiccardi, the purpose or mission of the agreement was to obtain mutual benefits, for both Enrique Iglesias and Influential mediaPlus have an ally to help raise Spanish music and image to new levels.

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They say that Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias have been married for two years.

It should be noted that though Churches They no longer have the rights to their songs, and this does not prevent the artist from continuing to collaborate with other composers, release “loose” songs or singles, create compilation albums or continue to tour. Even implementing these measures would increase the value of his catalog, which would translate into higher revenues for the Spaniard.

Bailando artist is currently touring various venues in the United States and Canada with Ricky Martin and Pitbull. Likewise, just a few months ago, Churches He released his latest song with Argentine Maria Becerra under the title Así es la vida.

Enrique Iglesias and Ricky Martin pose on the red carpet.
Enrique Iglesias tours the US and Canada with Ricky Martin and Pitbull.
Image source: AFP/Getty Images

Other artists have sold their music catalog

After agreement between Enrique Iglesias with The influence of media partners, the Spaniard joins other great artists who have decided to leave all the rights to their career in the hands of the company. This is the case of Nobel Prize winner Bob Dylan, who sold his music catalog to Universal for $300 million.

Also in this category is Sting, who received about $250 million for the same rights. Another well-known case is that of Shakira, who earned several million dollars for her music career, although the turnover has not been disclosed. However, the current record belongs to Bruce Springsteen, who sold his catalog to Sony Music for $500 million.

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