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Melissa Kluge confirms that Jefferson Farfan’s departure with his children was due to “social pressure”. Instagram | Job offer

Melissa Kluge downplays Jefferson Farfan meeting her children. Photo: LR / ATV / Instagram Configuration

Melissa Kluge Jefferson Farfan is back in the headlines after Blanca de Choquito revealed she will be suing him for psychological damage to his children. This was announced when the influencer spoke with Produce Magaly TV, the firm He accused the footballer of only pretending on social networks that he is a present father when in reality the opposite is the case. Now, she shared ‘Foquita’ on her Twitter account instagram Some shots of a weekend getaway with her minors trying to deny what her ex said, but she’s out to speak loud and clear.

Jefferson Farfan was with his kids this past weekend. Photo: EP Composition

What did Melissa Kluge say about the recent passing of Jefferson Farfan and his children?

In a “question and answer” dynamic on her Instagram profile, Melissa Kluge had to respond to a comment stating that she was moaning for fun because Jefferson Farfan showed up on social media that he spent time with the kids.

“I am happy to see my children happy, it is my purpose in life and it is good that social pressure can achieve things that humans cannot achieve”She wrote, which surprised thousands of her followers.

Melissa Kluge attacks Jefferson Farfan. photo: Instagram

Melissa Kluge has revealed that she will be suing Jefferson Farfan

Melissa Kluge has revealed that she is once again in a mess with her ex and the father of her children, Jefferson Farfan. She admitted that she was going to sue the footballer in a conversation with the show Magaly TV, the firm.

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“As always, lack of time. Before because I lived abroad. And now? In short, my children have grown up and I will not allow him to continue to damage them psychologically, and abuse a lot. Since he loves lawsuits and lawsuits, we will still see each other there, there is no other way, but I will not allow any more harm to my childrenAccording.