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The best thing that could happen to him

The best thing that could happen to him

Sergio Guerri. (Photo by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images) (Gustavo Caballero via Getty Images)

If we wrote a list of the most iconic villains in TV history, Sergio Guerri’s name would undoubtedly appear at the top. Although he was the protagonist in soap operas such as “Dos Hogar,” the most remembered roles in his career are antagonistic roles.

How can we forget the evil landowner Ignacio Aguirre in “I Still Love You”, the jealous landowner Alvaro Montellano in “Duel of Passions” or the heartless foreman Rosendo Gavilan in “Soy tu Dueña”.

But this was not his true dream for youth.

“I didn’t want to be evil”

On several occasions, Goiri accepted that villainous roles were the roles that he and the viewers liked the most, although at first he did not want to accept those roles for fear that people would start hating him.

“What happens is that when you play heroes, you are the number one character, the most important character, the character that the ladies of the house love, but being the bad guy, people can hate us,” he admitted for a long time. Some time ago in an interview with TVyNovelas.

His first opponent was precisely in “I Still Love You”, a role that he ended up accepting thanks to the insistence of producer Carla Estrada. He admits that this was one of the great successes of his career. “I became a lovable villain and that didn’t happen.”

“My dream was to play football”

Since his debut on television as part of the cast of the TV series “Mundosoppositos” in 1976, Goyri has had an extensive film career, with more than 200 films in the genre known as “videohome” – low-budget films released directly On video, without going through cinema – especially in the 80s and 90s, he achieved tremendous success not only as an actor, but as a screenwriter, director and producer.

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With all this resume, it’s hard to imagine that Goiri had a career other than being an actor during his life. But during his childhood and adolescence, the idea of ​​appearing on television or in the cinema did not even occur to him.

“My dream was to become a footballer,” he said two months ago in a long interview with his son entitled “It’s Not a Football Game. I played for Pumas – I had to share training with Hugo Sanchez – and in America.” Title’ .

With UNAM, he went through all the stages from childhood to the “professional reserve”, preparing for his debut in the top flight. But he was cut by the board because he was not a student at the university.

From there he went to America where he also had a great season, until one day he was called into the office – he was sure he would sign his contract to play with the first team – and thanked him again.

Although he had more opportunities to fulfill his dream and was hired by a team in the United States, he finally decided to end that phase of his life.

By then, he had already made some photographs and doors began to open in the theater and he learned a lesson that he now shares with his children whenever he can.

“When you come to a corner, you have four options: go back, go forward, to one side or the other. There are always options, and the further you go down, the more chances you have to come up because we have already gained momentum,” he added.

Although the world was closed to him at the time, it now became clear that failure in football was the best thing that could have happened to him.

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