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A new problem has been unleashed at Chivas just days before the 2022 opening begins: it's not the reinforcements

A new problem has been unleashed at Chivas just days before the 2022 opening begins: it’s not the reinforcements

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El Rebaño has just one more game to get ready before the start of the new campaign, which is less than two weeks away.

© imago 7A new problem has been unleashed in Chivas

The reality hit that Atlas awarded FC Guadalajara last Saturday with a 1-0 defeat He highlighted one of the problems that the Rojiblanco has suffered the most in recent years and it concerns the men who provide security in the middle of the defence, Well, Hiram Mir is featured again in the neighbors’ annotations.

Since Ricardo Cadena arrived at the artistic direction of the Sacred Flock To play the last four games of the regular round in Clausura 2022, go to a streak of five with three central defenders playing Gilberto Sepulveda and Gilberto Orozco, the elements that have been erased by coach Marcelo Michelle Linio.

was then became Hiram Mir took charge of being the Libero at the center of defense to solve any defensive need for Chivas with his expertise. But in Final duels against Atlas in the quarter-finals failed to do so And now in this friendly match, he also looked bad, causing the concern of the technical staff who do not have many options on the bench to occupy such a compromising position.

Chivas and their defensive problems

One of the options is Antonio Briceño, but the ups and downs he has had since arriving in Guadalajara Nor do they put him as that trustworthy man who succeeds in redressing the shortcomings. Another footballer who has gained a certain fame is Luis Olivas, but the young defender is inexperienced And he didn’t play much in third grade with Cadena, actually It will be centrally located on the right, that is, in the place now occupied by Orozco “Cheket”.

vote Does Hiram Mir convince you as the security man in Chivas?

Does Hiram Mir convince you as the security man in Chivas?

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At ESPN they analyzed the future for Chivas if they don’t solve their problems at the back, even commentator Rafael Puente pointed out what Hiram Mir lacks: “No matter what format the intermediates have to be in, you have to have two that are two lions in the brand, Plus a clever and quick libero to make lids. Mir seems to be lacking in strength.”

“Kadena has to convince them, with three defenders one of them to move forward in the middle with one of the three defenders forward. Mir is not at his best, but he does have experience. The rest is so beautiful., but there must be conviction. Maybe the best part about it is Briseño, but sometimes he gets a little crazy”, Many Jose Luis Sanchez Sula, better known as Chiles.

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