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Mexico's Alejandro Kirk leads the players in voting for the MLB All-Star game

Mexico’s Alejandro Kirk leads the players in voting for the MLB All-Star game

mexican receiver Alexander Kirk Surprisingly, he leads the vote for his position in the 2022 Major Baseball All-Star Game, and he does so by outperforming his closest rival by more than half a million votes.

One week before the voting closes for the mid-season game that will take place at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles on July 19, Kirk is looking to become the first Mexican catcher to play in the MLB All-Star Game.

Kirk, 23, from Tijuana, Baja California, plays for the Toronto Blue Jays and has collected a total of 1,057,008 votes, while his closest runner, Jose Trevinoof the New York Yankees, totaling 387,983.

Venezuelan Salvador Perezfrom the Kansas City Royals, in third place with 266,604 votes, followed by Puerto Ricans Martin Maldonadofrom the Houston Astros with a score of 231,005 and Christian VasquezFrom the Boston Red Sox with a score of 199,010 to make up the top 5 players

Among AL’s catchers, Kirk received 35% of the vote to Trevino’s 13%, the largest advance for any candidate in any position—except for non-voting bowlers—in the All-Star game.

Although it seems surprising that the Mexican leads, his supremacy at the top is achieved because he is ahead of all hunting players with a .307 hitting average and 2.2 bats. In addition, he has six home runs, 22 RBIs, and 26 walks for 21 strikes.

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In 58 matches, he scored 55 hits, scored 30 points and 10 double goals. Its OBP is .397, with a .464 slowdown and .861 OPS. He only hit six times in a double play.

In 36 games – 33 starts and 29 completes – behind Musk this season, he has made 290.2 runs in which he has made one foul with a 997 percentage. He has no pass ball and his steal percentage is 36%, with 14 base steals and eight put down.

Blue Jays pitchers only have six land pitches when Kirk is in the catcher.