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Stephen Curry is out of the top three: The controversial rankings of the current top 10 players in the NBA

Stephen Curry is out of the top three: The controversial rankings of the current top 10 players in the NBA

TheRankings have always tended to generate controversy in sports. Especially when it comes to ranking players. It is difficult to determine who is the “king” of the system. More so if we talk about NBA. Complex He dared to make his ranking with the top 10 players in the league today. The controversy was immediate: Stephen CurryNot in the top three.

Base Golden State Warriors It appears in fourth place. A rather low ranking if we consider that it is the most recent MVP Finals s Current NBA Champion. In addition, he is the flag bearer of the San Francisco team, which is known for changing the game in its latest era.

This particular rating is led by a player from Milwaukee BucksGiannis Antikonmo. The Greek is well appreciated by the aforementioned media after his impressive performance in these qualifiers. The pvot wing was up to the task, despite being eliminated before Boston Celtics In the semi-finals of the conference. Above all, believing that a loyal business owner Chris Middleton He was absent due to injury.

Kevin Durant and LeBron James They close the podium in second and third places, respectively. player Brooklyn Networks They appreciate his scoring efficiency, despite the serious knee injury he sustained recently. A similar argument for King James, though focused on his age. At 37, he was the second-best scorer in the regular season, with 30.3 points per game, which is very close to him. Joel Embiid.

Nikola Jokic, also one of the top three and appearing as Kohi Leonard!

Young talents are also part of this very list. Nikola Jokic,Current NBA MVP and pvot from Denver Nuggets, appears in the fifth position. One position at the bottom we see that it has the same European name Luke Doncic.

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It’s not the only surprises. Joel Embiid Top scorer of the season, was named the eighth best player in the league, behind the leader Boston Celtics Jason Tatum. cameroon from Philadelphia 76ersAnd the A full nominee for this year’s Player of the Year award, he is not among the top five in the league.

Although the presence of a frieze is more unexpected Kohi Leonard player Los Angeles ClippersIn ninth place. Especially if we take into account that he missed the entire season due to an ACL injury. however, Complex He appreciates his ability to drive in qualifying when he was healthy.

Jimmy Butler Close the arrangement that players like Ja Morant or Chris Paul.