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A hard hit, the ad is not surprising

A hard hit, the ad is not surprising

Gerard Pique and Clara Chia Marty They’re still on their “honeymoon,” especially when Shakira He is remote and lives in the United States, which lowered the tone of the Spaniards’ situation.

Pique and Clara have seen themselves very close in recent days, after some rumors that they would not be in the best of times.

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Is there an advertisement?

But in Spain there is a revolution, because they have confirmed that they are going to get married, and she has already said “yes” to the former club midfielder. Barcelona.

“They will be ready to take it a step further in their relationship and cement their engagement with a wedding, which they will announce in the coming days. They will take it publicly on June 24 on the occasion of his brother’s wedding, Mark PiqueWith Maria, his girlfriend for life. It is that the old saying “from one wedding comes another.” With this determination, the couple will confirm that, despite all the information and gossip, they are still in love like day one and oblivious to criticism,” says the ABC.

And he adds, “Slip into LOOK people close to them are already starting to prepare for what will become one of the most special days of their lives. Also, as they explain, they have thought about how they will deliver the news to their relatives. If confirmed, it will undoubtedly become one of the weddings of the year. A must.” To remember that the Catalan footballer hasn’t made a move with Shakira in the 12 years they’ve been together despite the fact that they have two children.And Milano and Sasha.”

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It is information that has been dealt with, but everything indicates that it is confirmed, but there is something “extra” that holds Pique on the ropes.

It was learned that Shakira did not provide certification for her two children, Milan and Sasha, to attend their uncle’s wedding, but Pique wants the opposite.

“The footballer will insist, through his legal representatives, that there be a slight adjustment and Sasha and Milan will stay another five days in Barcelona and thus be able to move to Marc Pique’s link, which has already been the cause of family affection, with the possible announcement of Clara Xia’s wedding. And Gerard, everything is increasing.However, it seems that the translator “Acrostic” did not give in to the requests of her ex-husband, according to the program “Y ahora Sonsoles”, as the Spanish newspaper commented.

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