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Carolina Miranda: 5 photos that confirm all the beauty of the actress from “Tierra de Esperanza” and Netflix

Carolina Miranda: 5 photos that confirm all the beauty of the actress from “Tierra de Esperanza” and Netflix

the Actress Carolina Miranda He seems to be in one of the best moments of his career, because while he’s on the streaming platform Netflix It is added to favorites with an extension Error profile stringOn national television, the telenovela also started with great success “land of hope”, in which he co-stars with Andrés Palacios. The hostess is also distinguished by it beautyas these show 5 photos.

Who is Carolina Miranda?

Caroline Miranda Olvera was born in Irapuato, Guanajuato in June 1990. She started her career in 2012 and is mainly known for her role as Vicenta Acero “La Coyote” in the Telemundo series, “Lady Steele. According to some interviews, it is known that in adolescence she did not think about working as a profession and was more interested in ending her career in the field of communications.

Karolina started her career in 2012. Photo: IGcaromirandaof

In 2012, she made her debut in the melodrama, “Los Rey,” the TV series in which she was given the opportunity to play a young lead role as Fina. Two years later he joined “Las Bravo”; He was also part of the cast of Vicente Leñero’s play “La visita del Ángel”, directed by Maestro Raúl Quintanilla. In 2016 he was in the third season of “Lady Steele”with which he furthered his career in the United States.

Obviously, as of 2019, was a sitcom he worked on with Clarovideo. During the pandemic, he has ventured into creating content on social networks, with Oka Giner and Alex Oliva, with episodes of the podcast “That’s not Princesses”, broadcast on his YouTube channel. Between 2021 and 2022 join the The Netflix series “Who Killed Sarah?” in the role of Elisa Lazcano and was part of the cast “Malverdi: Patron Saint”.

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Featured as an actress in soap operas and soap operas. Photo: IGcaromirandaof

On social networks, he has millions of fans. Photo: IGcaromirandaof

Other projects he remembers Caroline Miranda is the reality show “La Isla” on TV Azteca in which he participated for the fourth season. Since his teens, he knew he wanted to be part of show business, as he revealed in an interview with InStyle, where he said that at the age of 14 he participated in a competition, in which he admitted that his dream was to “be a model, singer, and actress.”

However, show business was not her first choice, as she herself said, “It never crossed my mind. At the age of 20 I realized something was missing in life. By then I was an anchor, host, and model, and I even started my own company in 19 with my college degree, but I didn’t feel complete,” she explains to People en Español.

Show off his charming appearance. Photo: IGcaromirandaof

at the moment, Miranda She plays Maria Teresa Artega in the telenovela “Land of Hope”, which premiered June 12 on Las Estrellas, produced by José Alberto “El Güero” Castro. In the presentation of the melodrama, the actress told El Sol de México: “I am very happy, very grateful, they adopted me on Televisa, they presented this project in prime time, my heart goes out”

It also seems to be the most elegant. Photo: IGcaromirandaof