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Niorca attacks Jose Manuel Figueroa for mocking his son

Niorca attacks Jose Manuel Figueroa for mocking his son

Niorca exploded against Jose Manuel Figueroa And she told him everything through a video clip, after the actor had done a job comment have Abad luck against his son Emilio who participates in La famous house.

It was during an interview, where the actor, in a sarcastic tone, He was asked if Emilio Osorio was the son of Bobby LariosFormer partner of the Cuban star.

The feud between the two characters in question goes back a long time, since niorcaon time, She gave everything to Marie ClaireFigueroa’s wife, who recently left famous house.

It was just as he was talking about his partner’s departure, Matthew José Manuel Figueroa hit Nyorca’s son Marcos and Juan Osorio.

He is also a singer He questioned the true paternity of Emilio It is hinted that he could be the son of Bobby Larios and not Juan Osorio, his real father.

after what happened Cuban And nothing is saved He gave it all to FigueroaHe even gave details of the failed attempt they made when it came to becoming intimate.

Jose Manuel FigueroaBobito…do you remember when we were half fucked? Because you never found my clitoris, do you remember that you invited me over for the weekend and I was only 8 hours old? Why did you talk so much about nonsense * Do you remember what I told you? That on the day it occurs to you to say the tongue will open its mouth My son knows who his father isBecause when I met Bobby, Emilio was already born and his father knew who his son was, but you don’t know where you put the stupid p*, that’s why you are with that fool who has no brains like you”

Jose Manuel Figueroa apologized to Nyorca

The situation has gone viral, so Son of Juan Sebastiansend a message to Niurka to Apologize He confirmed that everything is a misunderstanding.

Hello Nyurka, how are you, I hope to send you my regards. This video is more than anything to apologize to you, which I actually did in front of the cameras, there was a mess. they asked me and Pardon my ignoranceReally, I also apologized to you, to Juan Osorio, to Emilio. Not wanting there to be any misunderstandings, I asked the cameras to delete it. I knew the super mega was watered”

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