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A fan mistook Bonucci for Wembley's security

A fan mistook Bonucci for Wembley’s security

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One of the most incredible scenes in Eurocop It happened outside the field of play at a stadium security officer Wembley Confused Leonardo Bonucci With a fan and thought he wanted to jump from the stands to the garden of the building after the Italy goal.

It all happened very quickly after a defense Selection from Italy Approach the square from one side and celebrate with the podium Go to the final from Euro 2021. At that moment, spontaneously wanted to approach, and the security men stopped him.

After celebrating close to people, Bonucci He turned around to get back to the rest of the team when the security officer stopped him. This situation caused the defense of Juventus sHe wore a surprised face until they finally let him pass.

This was part of the colorful celebration that lived among the followers blue In the semi-final match, where they beat Spain In the penalty shootout to reach the final, which will be held next Sunday.

Italy celebrations

Other moments in the celebration of the Italian players were when he gave the players and the coaching staff A song for defender Spinazzola who recovers from a Achilles heel surgery. Others chose to run to shout at the pass with the fans closest to the field.

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