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Manchester City has a tentative agreement with a Mexican jewel to move it to England

Manchester City has a tentative agreement with a Mexican jewel to move it to England

Young Alejandro Alcala has an agreement to reach citizens as soon as he reaches adulthood

name of Alejandro Alcalá He looked strong on the international football field. mexican american player, The national team is the tricolor jewel The pursuit of his football career will be on everyone’s lips in the future. Its high quality allows it to be one of the few items that has a coil advance agreement with the Manchester from the Premier League.

ESPN Digital He was able to investigate his young football player The covenant that hardly comes of age, the citizens have a hand To pull the football player that is being talked about in California.

AlcalaHe was even invited by Barcelona and himself Manchester Training in their respective clubs. There is a quality enchanted player right Scouts English, recommended to be set in the future Alex High level football.

Born in California, but to Mexican parents, he actually played with Mexico’s national children’s team. However, the Football Association of the United States invited him to participate in the country in which he was born, But even today, the decision to play for Mexico remains the same.

Alcala The inspiration for his game was Ronaldinho, his greatest international figure. The vision of the Brazilian footballer made him try to imitate him and the desire of the young footballer is to emulate the exploits of the Brazilian.

Currently, the player, who acts as a midfielder, is skilled, fast and with cutting edge technology, is part of the core forces in Los Angeles Galaxy, a team that has already led many young Mexican-American talents at the hands of its manager Dennis T. Kloese, who served in Mexico as an important spectator in basic forces He later became a manager and attended the 2018 World Cup in Russia as a board member national teams.

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The Dutchman himself participated in it Alcala He is one of the most advanced inferiors, because in addition to good gameplay, Eye-catching makes watching it turn into a wonderful sight, although at the moment it is clear that he needs to have a football operation that puts him in the future not as promises, but as a fact.

at present Alcala He wanted to feel comfortable in the training he did with City, but on the club’s recommendation, the desire is for him to continue to maintain his quality and as he gets older, if he can go to Europe to develop all the potential he has apparently in videos Youtube He is very optimistic.