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A diver who was swimming with his family was bitten by a crocodile’s head – Puerto Rico Metro

A diver who was swimming with his family was bitten by a crocodile’s head – Puerto Rico Metro

A man escaped being eaten by a crocodile after he bit off his head while diving off the coast of Australia last weekend.

Crocodile bite

According to local media, Marcus McGowan was swimming with his family off the coast of Cape York, North Queensland, in Australia. While he was observing the fish and appreciating the colors of the corals, a saltwater crocodile approached him from behind and nonchalantly bit his head.

“I thought it was a shark, but when I got closer I realized it was an alligator,” said McGowan, while he was kept under observation at a nearby hospital.

The young man saved himself by opening his jaws

“I was able to open their jaws wide enough to get my head out,” said the young man. However, the wild animal resisted and bit his hand, but McGowan said he managed to reach a nearby boat, where his family was.

The portal stated that he was immediately “transported by air to a hospital and transferred to another hospital to receive treatment for injuries to his head and hand.” fox8.com. McGowan added that the alligator was young.

The BVA managed to protect the animal, which will be under surveillance (TwitterSSC_CDMX)

Crocodile hunting is prohibited in Queensland

The BBC portal reports that hunting crocodiles has been prohibited for decades in this region of Australia, and thanks to this, its population has increased to 5,000 animals since 1970 and today it has 30,000 specimens.

Although crocodile attacks are not uncommon, the site where the attack took place, near Hagerston Island, is known as “crocodile country,” according to the Department of Environment and Science (DES).

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“He was in the wrong place at the wrong time,” said McGowan.