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A Cuban broadcaster tells of his epic journey as he tries to extract money from a bank in Havana

A Cuban broadcaster tells of his epic journey as he tries to extract money from a bank in Havana

Cuban broadcaster María Ercelia Oramas López lived a truly epic journey trying to withdraw money from a bank in Havana, and although she tried to maintain her patience, she could not express her pleasant but critical opinion about it.

“Terrible ATMs, almost nothing works, but I need to get my money, please,” Oramas-Lopez said in a Facebook post.

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Realizing she couldn’t electronically, she started waiting for the record and patiently waited her turn, but what happened next left her distraught.

“When it’s my turn, the cashier (each wheelbarrow) says to me: We only have five pesos bills and you can only get five thousand pesos,” said a relative.

At that moment, the question was asked: Who, in their right mind, would have five thousand pesos in five-dollar bills?

“You have to bring a bag,” he joked.

The well-known anchor explained that she only wanted 200 pesos, so she waited her turn. When she took out the money, she realized that the 40 five-peso banknotes were dirty, and she was treated as “dirty”.

“Where is the money? Why are banks giving money that looks like it was picked from a trash can? An epidemic,” he asked.

Now, María Ercela Oramas-López, she has a purse full of dirty bills, but she consoles herself knowing it’s not five thousand pesos, because the situation could have been more hilarious.

Currently, Cuba is experiencing a financial liquidity crisis It prevents citizens from obtaining material money They need to make their payments and business operations.

In order to respond to this situation, the government encourages the use of electronic payment gateways, but not everyone has access to the technology or knows how to use it; Hence it is still the preferred method for many monetary.

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At the moment, the file Cuban Central Bank It did not announce measures to reverse this situation, and the government realized that printing new banknotes had a cost that it was not willing to bear.