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5 tools for elementary school science education

Next, we’ll share five with you unexpected events to teach Natural sciences at the elementary level. Because learning in a fun way is possible, and it helps to improve the teaching and learning processes.

Uses unexpected events For teaching, it is essential for students to understand concepts more clearly. In addition, it will be easier for them to absorb and learn more complex content.

There are many tools we can use in our classrooms to enhance our students’ learning. Undoubtedly, one of the most interesting applications is Gamification in the classroom.

Next, we expose Five useful resources to teach Natural Science which you can find on the Internet.

Search for a word to learn

Alphabet soups are a A very interesting educational tool To teach and reinforce complex concepts. By having to search for words among a group of letters, they focus all their attention and remember them more easily.

With this kind of tools, we encourage and help students focus Develop cognitive skills. In addition, they learn how to deal with problems and identify patterns. It is very useful for enhancing the use of visual memory in students.

in the page childish games You will find a large number of word searches for all topics. However, there are many more related to the natural sciences: bones, the universe, countries, or muscles are just a few examples.

National Geographic Kids: Videos, infographics, and more

National Geographic He created a specific page so that the children could Learn everything about nature. Although it is in English, it is an interesting project to collaborate with teachers who teach youngsters this language. It can also be beneficial if the teaching is bilingual.

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In addition, you will find on this page Lots of resources to work on in class. For example, attractive infographics on how to do this Reduce the use of plasticAnd Children’s booksalso games Related to space, insects or animals.

Classroom games It increases the motivation of our students And it helps them work on cognitive and motor skills, such as memory or body coordination. Besides, learning is more effective and creativity is encouraged.

Ancient Earth: 3D Earth simulation

3D simulators are very useful in teaching and learning processes. It enables students to Visualize and understand concepts, as well as approaching the most complex operations. They provide greater interaction and active participation for our students.

old land It is an application that allows you to teach children How was our planet Thousands or millions of years ago. With ancient Earth, we can experience how our immediate environment has changed over time.

We can too Explore the oceans and lead the globe In 3D with his own hands. These types of activities are really entertaining for children, as they interact with them and respond to their stimuli.

Home experiments with Mayden and Natalia

Experiments are An effective tool for learning and teaching science In class. It is hands-on learning that allows learning through experience. In addition, by using them we can encourage the curiosity of our students and develop their scientific skills.

home experiments is a Youtube channel created by Mayden and Natalia. In it, they implement it Fun experiences which can be easily conducted in class with the students. Among all his lists, we find two particularly important: the experiments of chemistry and the experiments of physics.

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Blue mission: Titian visits our planet

blue mission It’s a very interesting Educapeques project. This is the story of Titian, an inhabitant of the planet Kepler who travels to Earth on an important mission. His goal is to show all children the planet they live on.

the next The story of TitianStudents will learn about the solar system, our hero’s arrival on planet Earth, the water cycle, and so on. All of this is accompanied by fun graphics and visual infographics.

Moreover, his own Blog Offers Lots of theoretical information that you can use to create your own educational materials. The little ones will end up becoming great friends with Tiziano, a friendly character who will spark their curiosity and desire to learn.

In this article, we have shared with you five ICT-based resources for your classrooms Sciences. Learning in a fun way will help your students to retain concepts better, especially more complex ones. Did you use a similar resource in your class? Share your experience with the rest of the teachers in the MAGISTERIO community.