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New Jersey among the best fake sick days - NBC New York

New Jersey among the best fake sick days – NBC New York

New York – Each company has its own holiday policies and depends on recent study 50% of Americans, ages 21 to 34, have admitted that they pretended to be sick to ask for a day off from work. Our region was not far behind and one of the states in the tri-state region was among the first five in the country to use this excuse.

The The study conducted by Moneypenny He noted that New Jersey ranks fifth in the country where its residents pretend to be ill to avoid going to work. This is because 69% of Garden State residents surveyed agreed to use this interpretation of a day’s request.

Montana, Vermont, and Wyoming were the states most likely to fake sick days, with 100% of respondents admitting to doing so. North Dakota came in fourth with 75%.

In total 2,000 people from different industries and states participated in the survey. 29% of those who admitted to pretending to be sick stated that their main cause was a family event, for example a party or wedding. In addition, 26% cited mental health as the main reason for them, mainly 10% more in men than women. At the lower level, they indicated that 12% was due to a vacation or an appointment, such as going to the dentist, with 23%.

Moneypenny He stressed that on the topic of mental health, he suggested that it should be approached in the same way as physical health. For this reason, they note that some companies are starting to introduce mental health or wellness days as an added benefit.

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Looking at sectors, it was revealed that workers in charitable and volunteer work are more likely to fake illness, with 74% of survey respondents admitted, closely followed by the real estate, construction and social aid industries.

While half of Americans admitted to faking a sick day, 48% said they are spending fewer sick days since the advent of hybrid and remote work due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“With the world of work changing and Americans having more flexible work options than ever before, we wanted to dig deeper into how this affects sick days,” Eric Schork, CEO of North America, Moneypenny, said of the research. “Fatigue is something that is currently well documented in the media and our research plays a role in that, with 26% of Americans saying they pretend to be ill due to poor mental health.”