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Loyola would turn to the government when the medical and nursing degrees ran out

Cold water jug. There will be no grades Medicine and nursing In the Loyola University currently. Andalusian Academic and University Quality Agency (Aqua) – Diva formerly -, belonging to the Andalusian Military Council (but independent in its decisions), considers that the scientific degrees that the Jesuit Institute intends to teach in the next academic year do not meet the conditions required for the aforementioned specializations. The response – which the special body of the government will appeal to within the specified period – breaks the plans set for the new academic year and affects nearly A thousand students have already applied for a place in the College of Health Scienceswhich has been under construction for months on Loyola’s campus in Dos Hermanas.

The new complex, which doubles the existing built-up area, could lose two of its great assets. Accua has not given the green light to medicine or nursing. Both degrees add up to a thousand applicants. In the press conference organized at the beginning of the year to announce the new college, headed by Dr Antonio Nunez (Dean) f Herminia Romero (Deputy Dean) – There was talk of holding an exam on April 22 for applicants with degrees from the new centre. In addition to medicine and nursing, there are Physiotherapy and biotechnology, which both got the green light.

As this media outlet was able to learn, the setback Loyola suffered in its expansion plans was reported by Letter to applicants. It insists that the private university be pre-existing General Council for University Policy (CGPU), a body of the Ministry of Universities, is prompted by the negative response submitted by Accua. From there, the CGPU has 30 days to resolve it.

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The council did not deny anything.

En la Loyola aseguran que “lucharán hasta el último aliento” para que Medicina y Enfermería se impartan el próximo curso, aunque reconocen que van “muy ajustados de tiempo”, ya que, según los plazos establecidos, la respuesta definitiva of the CGPU puede demorarse Month. They insist that no charges have been filed for the April 22 exam. They also state that they have received many support emails from prospective students after seeing the Accua report. “They are willing to wait another year,” they said, detailing from the Jesuit Foundation.

Sources from the Ministry of University, Research and Innovation explained to Seville newspaper that the quality agency’s decision was “independent” and that the board “did not deny anything”. They assert that the Accua report is being sent directly to the CGPU, which must validate it. Otherwise, your decision is binding and there is no possibility of a response from the Andalusian Agency. Just stick to it. It should be remembered that at the aforementioned press conference there was talk that the new faculty at Loyola had entered into an agreement with the Department of Health to train students.

The news of this refusal comes a few days after it was learned that the University of Huelva (UHU) will teach medicine next year and in the midst of an accusatory cross between Hispalense (USA) and the CEU on behalf of the new private sector. Fernando III University, which is scheduled to start in September 2024 in Bormujos. This higher education center also plans to host a degree in medicine. Those responsible for Loyola and the CEU are ensuring that the new health degrees are supported by strong demand for these studies in the community, a passionate interest in the pandemic.

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Possible financial problem

The investment the Jesuits expected in the new college rounds, as detailed in that appearance, 30 million euros. Payments could be affected by the denial of nursing and medical titles, as they cannot, at this time, receive funds from enrollments.

Loyola University was the first private university to be established in Andalusia, when the PSOE was governed by a junta. Now, with PP in the regional executive, two more are announced in the medium term: Fernando III in Bormujos and Otamede in Malaga.