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31 degrees from the University of Granada where you can enter with 5 in selectivity

31 degrees from the University of Granada where you can enter with 5 in selectivity

A total of 31 undergraduate degrees from the University of Granada obtained a class 5 mark in the last year. This means that in order to reach, it was only necessary to pass Selectividad or Pevau. Among these titles, there are Several double degrees.

There are titles in all areas, except for biological health. Thus, last year it was possible to enter the University of Granada with a grade of 5 in Tourism, Arabic Translation and Interpretation, Sociology, Labor Relations and Human Resources, Comparative Arts, Modern Languages ​​and Literature, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, ADE, Civil Engineering, Information and Documentation , History and Musicology, Art History, History, Geology, Geography, Philosophy, Spanish Philology, Classical Philology, English Studies and Spanish Philology, English Studies, French Studies, Arabic Studies, Construction and ADE, Construction, Economics, Political Science and law, political science and sociology, political science and management, archeology, and finally anthropology.

Likewise, it was possible to enter with a grade of 5 in elementary and infants at La Inmaculada, an extension center of the University of Granada, which also offers studies on the campuses of Ceuta and Melilla.

About 5,000 students in Granada will take university entrance exams, which will be divided into 22 places arranged by the USSR throughout the province. This year will be the first year that the use of masks has not been mandatory since the beginning of the epidemic.

Regular convocation exams will begin on Tuesday 14 June and end on Thursday 16 June at the Corpus Christi Festival in Granada. Feedback will be announced on June 23, the day the pre-registration process begins. On July 7, the first prize will be published and the registration process will begin.

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The exceptional call for selectivity will be issued for the second year before the summer vacation. It will be between 12 and 15 July.