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3 thousand dollars for roaming!

3 thousand dollars for roaming!

Scandalous case of a Cuban American traveling to the island and having to pay nearly $3,000 for roaming which never worked out. When he had to travel to Cuba due to urgent family circumstances at the end of last year, Isidro Abello asked his telephone company, T-Mobile, to activate the roaming service on the island, a service that the company has provided since 2016.

“I was leaving for three days, and they charged me for 10 days,” Isidro told Telemundo 51 television network. The man accepted the charge for 10 days, but upon arrival in Cuba, the service did not work and he had to use a cell phone from a friend.

Upon his return to the United States, Isidro found himself faced with a bill of more than $2,800. According to the bill, he was charged approximately $2,700 for international roaming fees and $39 for the international card he purchased. He says he called immediately to demand this money.

“The next day they called me and told me they would give me a $500 loan so I wouldn't have to pay everything. No, I don't want any credit.” He was cut off Affected person T-Mobile.

T-Mobile, roaming that doesn't work in Cuba and a very high bill

Isidro explained that he contacted his bank in the United States to block the payments, but T-Mobile continued to charge him $2,800, so he decided to contact Telemundo 51 Responde and apparently they gave him the expected response after this media pressure.

According to Telemundo, when they contacted the company, they were told they had sent the case to their customer service team, and days later, Isidro received good news.

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“They sent me a bill for the normal two months I had to pay, and removed all the other fees they wanted to charge,” the man said.

In May 2016, T-Mobile talked about a commercial agreement between it and the Cuban telecommunications company (ETECSA) that would allow the latter's customers to access direct dial-up and roaming services on the island.

This represents further progress in the process of normalization of relations between the United States and Cuba, which began in 2014. The service was expected to be available beginning in the summer of 2016 to T-Mobile mobile phone users.