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An American Airlines flight was delayed due to passengers having flatulence

An American Airlines flight was delayed due to passengers having flatulence

last week, An American Airlines flight leaving Phoenix for Austin experienced an unnecessary delay. Due to chaos caused by one of its passengers.

American Airlines flight departing from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, It is located in the state of Arizona It was headed to Austin Bergstrom International Airport, I had to return to the boarding gate, This caused a 30-minute delay due to the inappropriate behavior of a passenger.

One of the affected travelers shared this situation that happened on January 14 on Reddit, confirming this The man on the American Airlines plane seemed to be in an uncomfortable state. He started arguing with the cabin crew.

His annoyance continued and suddenly he shouted loudly: “Do you think that was rude? Well, what about this smell?” And it was at that moment when It has set off several flatulences.

The man continued this act The foul odor that began to emit disturbed the other passengers who were near him.

Because of the situation, the pilot decided to leave the runway to return to the boarding gate to seek help from the authorities, who forced the man to get off the plane.

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