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Cubacel concludes January with the most liked promotion

Cubacel concludes January with the most liked promotion

Cuban telecommunications company ETECSA concludes the month of January with a new promotion.

From January 25 to 31, 2024, users who recharge an international balance of 500 CUP up to 1250 CUP will have the opportunity to see their QUINTUPLED balance. But that's not all, for customers with existing international recharges, plans or promotions, they will receive a generous bonus of 25GB, valid for all networks, for 30 days.

Promotion details

The promotion applies to prepaid customers who receive an international top-up between January 25 and 31, 2024, in a limit of 500 COP and 1,250 COP. Here are some frequently asked questions so you can better understand this exciting offer:

How does international promotion work?

This promotion allows customers who recharge between 500 cups and 1,250 cups to see their QUINTUPLED balance. Additionally, those who currently have international recharges, plans or promotions will receive a bonus of 25GB (all networks) valid for 30 days.

How long is the promotion valid for?

The offer will be valid from January 25 to 31, 2024, from 00:01 to 23:59 Cuban time.

What is the minimum amount you can apply for international reshipping?

To apply for this offer, the international recharge value must be no less than 500 COP and no more than 1,250 COP.

Is the validity of the line extended with this promotional refill?

After recharging with this promotional design, the mobile phone line will be valid for 330 days. Recharges must be made before this time expires to keep the service active, and an additional 30 days are given before the service is disabled.

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What can be done with the principal balance received from this promotional recharge?

The main balance received can be used to make local and international calls, purchase bags, packages, data plans, minutes, SMS, make transfers and activate the Amigo plan.

25 GB bonus and additional quests

When is 25 GB activated (all networks)?

The 25GB is activated at the time of receiving the recharge, as long as international recharges, plans or promotions are in effect.

How is the priority of the discount on the 25 GB bonus determined?

The opponent is prioritized according to the following hierarchy, ensuring that there is no interruption in service:

1. Unlimited Internet Bonus (12:00 AM to 7:00 AM)
2. The daily bag
3. Messenger bag
4. Data Bonus (National)
5. Data bonus (LTE international only)
6. Data Bonus (International all networks)
7. Balance bonus
8. Shared Plans (LTE International)
9. Bundled plans (international data for all networks)
10. LTE data packages
11. Active bulk data packets for all networks
12. Principal balance

Will the validity of other resources be extended with the 25 GB gift?

Yes, if you have existing shared plans (national and/or international), national plans, LTE plans, and international data rewards, their validity will be extended by 30 days.

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How will I receive a bond amortization alert?

The customer will receive an SMS announcing that the offer is about to expire, in case all resources have not been consumed and the expiry date is approaching.

Customers can check the status of their accounts by sending an SMS to *222*266#.

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