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Discounts to great destinations from Colombia

Discounts to great destinations from Colombia

Airlines continue to offer Discounts on tickets to various destinations. If you are interested or should Travel to the United Statescurrent promotions for LATAM Airlines and Delta Airlines You might be interested.

Between today, January 23, and next Thursday, January 25, these companies are offering discounts on travel to the North American country From USD 231 each way, For flights between February 7 and March 31 from Bogotá.

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LATAM Airlines flight promotion

“This promotion is available on the Latam website, www.latamairlines.com Tickets can also be purchased by combining miles and cash. In addition, through the same platform, you can buy everything you need for the trip: hotel, insurance, vehicle rental, activities in cities, etc.

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Delta Offers

In total, there will be nine routes on offer operated by Delta: Bogota – New York and Bogota – Atlantawhich works directly, and towards The Dorman, Boston, Salt Lake City, Baltimore, Seattle, Minneapolis and Detroit Raleigh stops in Atlanta.

Agreement between airlines

It should be noted that LATAM and Delta have a trade agreement as of 2022 that includes With the aim of providing more communication alternatives between the United States and Colombia For passengers traveling on both companies. This alliance allows us to get these kind of upgrades.

“This agreement expands to include markets between North America (US and Canada) and South America (Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay), providing significant benefits such as the shared accumulation of miles/points in frequent flyer programs. “More efficient connections, enabling more efficient connections,” Latam noted. Access to more than 300 destinations between the United States, Canada and South America.

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As for Delta, which operates flights from Bogota to Miami and New York, it offers a second daily flight on the Bogota-Atlanta route. At the end of last year, the Cartagena-Atlanta line began operating with three flights per week.

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