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Did they reach you?  Citizens receive payments from Banco Popular after lawsuit agreement – Metro Puerto Rico

Did they reach you? Citizens receive payments from Banco Popular after lawsuit agreement – Metro Puerto Rico

After the settlement of the class action lawsuit filed by several citizens, customers who have checking accounts in People’s Bank of Puerto Rico They received a sum of money that the Foundation had to return.

Several clients were notified of the deposit through an e-mail letter indicating the agreement they had reached following the lawsuit filed by Pedro Soto Melendez in January 31, 2020. According to the lawsuit document, the lawsuit was filed due to insufficient funds being charged and overdraft fees. Later, several citizens who had filed similar lawsuits agreed to come together to file a class action lawsuit.

“These practices violate contractual promises; violate a good faith and fair dealing agreement; and/or result in unfair enrichment of the Bank,” the document reads.

Through social networks, many citizens reported that they received between $21 and $50 in their accounts.

Read the claim document here

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Due to the start of the second phase of the expansion of the new building “popular square” In the Golden Mile in Hato-ri It is advertised that there are several parking spaces in the building People’s Bank It will be closed until construction is completed in 2027.

The project will start the second phase of expansion with the new building in June “popular square” In the parking area north of the building Caribbean Fine Arts Cinema.

This building will be 16 floors and 250,000 square feet For administrative offices and a central yard for the use and enjoyment of all its visitors Folk Centre. In addition, it will include a Staff training center, dining spaces, gardens, a center for university students called the Popular LabAnd Car parking for 500 cars, open spaces for community enjoyment, among others. At the top there will be a file 121-room hotel With them Restaurant and pool areas.

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“Popular Plaza will centralize a significant portion of Popular’s operations, as well as be a competitive tool to develop, retain and attract talent and better serve our customers,” he said. Eduardo NegronExecutive Vice President Management Group at Popular, Inc.

result of building popular squarethe financial entity indicated that the area Outdoor parking And different Vehicle entrances and exits north of the building Caribbean Fine Arts Cinemafrom and to Ponce de Leon Street and the Munoz Rivera Street They will be closed until completion of the project in 2027. For now, only the vehicle entrances and exits to the popular center’s covered parking lot will remain open.

The project Grassroots Campus begins in the summer of 2022 With the construction of the first two buildings, known as “The Bridge”, in front of the People’s Center in a plot of land across from Luis Muñoz Rivera Street and next to the grounds of urban train and the Puerto Rico Amphitheater. This will include a health center with a gym and swimming pool, a Command bankAnd a supermarket and food places, in addition to about 800 parking spaces.

“The construction of the ‘bridge’ building is well progressed. The most complex part, namely the base and the first levels have already been completed. The rest of the ‘bridge’ construction work will now be more frequent, and therefore faster. We hope that this building will be completed by the end of 2024.”