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3 photos of Doctora Polo by Caso Cerrado in the swimsuit that caused a sensation on Instagram

3 photos of Doctora Polo by Caso Cerrado in the swimsuit that caused a sensation on Instagram

The Former TV hostAnd the Anna Maria Polo He is distinguished by his open nature, so he does not miss any opportunity for that Enjoy at the beach. Therefore, neither your age nor your appearance is a barrier to shining in a bathing suit.

Anna Maria Polo in a bathing suit. Photo: private

Drapolo swimsuit

Waiting for what will happen in Rule To return rights session about your programCase closedDr. Polo spends her days promoting public health issues and sharing messages of encouragement with her followers. As well as sharing Pictures of his travels.

Such is the case of his most recent vacation, which took place last August, when he decided to share the “good vibes” with his followers from the comfort of the pool and of course in the Swimwear.

Dr. Polo seems to have a particular flair for swimwear, as she took the opportunity to use one in a navy blue floral design, in a very similar style to the ones she’s shared in photos at some of her other events.

Favorite bikinis

From a young age she wore a bathing suit. Photo: private.

A very similar swimsuit was used in a photo he posted to Instagram, where He is seen very happy next to a group of followerswhom he met during a walk on the beach.

On some other occasions, Ana Maria is seen carrying a Black print bikinivery elegant and classic for women regardless of their age, as they can be combined with different items of clothing.

These are three photos of Doctora Polo in a bathing suit that have caused quite a stir on Instagram:

Anna Maria shares funny moments with her fans. Photo: private
Classic bikini. Photo: private
printed swimwear. Photo: private

Everything seems to indicate that one of the Latin TV star’s favorite outfits is a swimsuit, so without a doubt, during the following holidays, she will take the opportunity to To entice your followers again with more beach pictures.

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