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Broadcaster Gil Marie Lopez and businessman Christian Diez Moro are getting married

Broadcaster Gil Marie Lopez and businessman Christian Diez Moro are getting married

Yesterday afternoon the wedding procession sounded in Stella Maris Parish. The renewed Catholic Church, which was serving a community boycott Since 1965, it has been the venue for the TV presenter Jill Marie Lopez and businessman Christian Ten Wall They sealed their love and eventually got married.

Participate in the animation “day to day”From TelemundoTalk exclusively with The new day Before the big event that continues with an intimate party at Vanderbilt County Hotel. On this big day, the couple preferred to stay away from the extravagance and excesses that are usually found in celebrity weddings. Love was the only hero.

“We’ll be surrounded by all the people we love, our families and our closest friends. It’s a really intimate space. That’s what I expect. And obviously, in the company of Papa Deuce, who always weaves our history together.” said the 35-year-old caller.

Lopez, who also has good taste when it comes to dressing, was from the bridal stylist Harry Robles. In the past occasions, who has more than 340 thousand followers on instagramHe has the typical designs of other greats like Luis Antonio s ecliptic.

The romantic relationship between the businessman and the fan began three years ago. With the hashtag #elartedondesea, the couple set themselves apart by enjoying trips with stunning landscapes, folk cultures and exotic gastronomy.

“I would say it was a mature love, very wise, at some point in our lives, where we found ourselves destined to start a family, to fulfill our dreams and projects together. So, the fact that we were destined at this point in our lives was very important. Christian is 40 years old, I am 35, that is, we are surrounded by this wisdom, there is still a long way to go, but we are wiser, more mature and more human, because travels have changed our lives,” said Lorena’s mother, her best project in life.

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states like South AfricaAnd the EgyptAnd the France s The United Arab EmiratesHe added that they changed the way he sees life and others. “You change completely, you become more human, and we both walked this path hand in hand. What a better tool for creating a family, because we already have a family, ”including Lopez.

The caller is also celebrating 12 years of his nonstop career. Before coming to Telemundo, the model also worked as a celebrity news anchor on the now-defunct show “Wapa a las cuatro”, from Waba TV. It was also formed in spaces such as “Jangueo”, “hit in the back” s “I know everything”.

Lopez holds a bachelor’s degree in pre-school education from University of Puerto Rico (UPR)According to his biography on the Channel 4 website.

“I feel good on my way, I feel very happy, above all, because I have spent 12 years of my career, which, as you well say, is in a space on Puerto Rican television, where I spend many hours communicating with the general weekly, in a program that allows me to Speaking about any topic, to any audience in a responsible, informed manner, and that’s a privilege. So I think for a TV presenter who is making her career here in Puerto Rico, well, it’s an honor to make a living on a show like “Día a día,” which is a family show made up of two pillars of Puerto Rican television, like Raymond Arrieta s Dagmarand other colleagues who joinedcomment.

On their honeymoon, newlyweds report that there are some expected destinations. However, some joint ventures with her husband now prevent them from traveling long distances. However, he did not rule out spending ceremonial dates outside the country.

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