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Thalia's photo that gives people something to talk about

Thalia’s photo that gives people something to talk about

Despite the fact that Thalia is one of the celebrities who has kept herself better with time, and that at the age of 51 she retains an enviable figure, her face has given us something to talk about on more than one occasion, either due to the abuse of Botox or filters. .

On this occasion, the singer, who recently celebrated her 22nd birthday with Tommy Mottola, published a birthday photo that caused surprise among netizens, who agreed with the idea that the interpreter’s face looked strange.

Some admitted that they mistook her for a transvestite, while others advised her to stop the facial makeover, as they assured she would end up like Lucia Mendes; Still others felt that he abused the filters and that “it just doesn’t feel like that anymore”.

“Your face has definitely changed, I don’t understand why you are so obsessed with wanting to look 20 years old, excuse me for telling you.” “Baby, what happened to you in this picture?” “It looks like a puffy face and a lot of filter.” “Deeth Veneers Are Not Even, Shoot Your Dentist.” “Sorry, but I thought it was a man until I took a closer look at the photo. The comment is not offensive. “I thought it was a drag queen impersonating Thalia.” “Sorry…but he looks like a transvestite.”

This is not the first time that the interpreter of “Sabor a la mexicana” has made comments due to the appearance of her face, as it has already happened on previous occasions; Her followers criticize that the singer and actress “wants to be forever young.”

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Thalia, who achieved her fame as the heroine of telenovelas in Mexico, appeared with gray hair, but also in complete treatments to improve her complexion.