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Actress Ludwika Paletta enjoys being a “cougar”

Actress Ludwika Paletta enjoys being a “cougar”

He accepts the matter, saying: “If my 23-year-old son came to me with a woman my age, it would not be easy.” Ludwika Paletawho is 44 years old reflects the love between couples with a big age difference.

The actress, who began her career 33 years ago, points out that despite the evolution of social ideologies related to love, it will still be difficult for her to get used to the idea of ​​Nicholas falling in love with an older woman.

“It would be very strange because I don’t see myself with someone 20 years older than me either, not at this moment,” Paletta says with a laugh. “Ask a 60-year-old me and a 40-year-old might interest me more.”

In colloquial English, the term cougar is used to define women looking for a younger partner, connected to the animal world as hunters of innocence.

However, Ludwica points out the gender inequality regarding these attitudes and the taboos that have arisen behind them when it comes to women.

“I think we all have this taboo, and in Mexico it is still socially unacceptable to see an older woman with a younger man, as happens with older men hanging out with a younger woman,” highlights the actress.

This reversal took place within the plot of his film “Do you want to be my son?”Where he shares credits with Juanpa Zuritawho made his film debut with this film, is available now on ViX.

Zurita, 27 years old, confirms that for new generations, it is better to see couples with a large age difference, which is no longer a factor to be taken into account in love.

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“If age had been a factor, I probably wouldn’t have decided to do everything I did when I was younger. I’d like to think that’s something that’s changing and it would be great to fall in love the way you want,” Zurita says.

The film revolves around Lou (Paletta), a woman who feels like she has lost everything when her 15-year relationship ends, and there, in the pain of being cheated on, she faces uncertainty about her power and fear. Dreams he had given up on. Then circumstances place her on the verge of a new discovery.

The cast is completed by actors such as Harold Azuara, Hernan Mendoza and Urrea del Valle. For the actress, this is an opportunity to explore acting in a character that she had to wait for 33 years of her career.

“Right now, I’m in that moment where I can engage with a boy who is much younger than me, and I like that it’s an unpredictable story in many ways,” Paletta adds.