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“Don’t lie anymore on social media, adapt to the United States.”

“Don’t lie anymore on social media, adapt to the United States.”

Cuban YouTuber Jorge Batista, known as com.ultrackHe was visiting a house Gods She took the opportunity to upload a video clip to her networks that left the artist somewhat “bad”.

In between jokes, the influencer showed how His wife, Amanda I had to come from Kentucky to wash three days’ worth of dirty dishes.

“Goddess Cuba, don’t lie anymore to the networks, adapt to the United States of America. Cleanliness must be maintained here. Goddess, why should my wife come and wash your dishes?” Altrack said very seriously.

“Don’t say anymore that you’re on a diet for God’s sake, Goddess, look. This isn’t a diet, Ray here says this is from lunch today, how can you guys eat so much. “He’s wondering why the clothes don’t fit him,” he hinted. Ultrak while showing a pile of dirty dishes in the sink.

The goddess’ partner, King The Magician, was a partner in the video as he was also in the kitchen when the YouTuber was recording.

If anyone thought the singer wouldn’t get even with them, they were wrong because on Friday La Diosa uploaded a video of Ultrack in the barbershop on her Instagram and you can see the moment when while promoting an event with the singer, one of the hairstylists bites his ear and the influencer shoots several… One bad word after another.

after Ultrak controversy with Lenier Mesa and Boris Arencibiawho accused him of assault, La Diosa and Rey showed their support for the YouTuber and his wife across the networks.