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Pique: Video with Clara Xia at home while Shakira is away - International Football - Sports

Pique: Video with Clara Xia at home while Shakira is away – International Football – Sports

Gerard Pique fails to find calm. The former Barcelona player, who in recent weeks has devoted himself to his extra sports activities, is back in the news because of his separation from Barranquilla, Shakira.

Although more than six months have passed since the joint announcement of their separation, Pique and Shakira are still “watched” every day by everything they do or don’t do.

In the past hours, the entertainment program Socialité, from Telecinco, was surprised by a recording in which it said: Clara Xia was walking around like ‘Pedro around the house’, at Pique’s house, while he was living with Shakira.

“Bombshell News,” declared the reporter who filed a note on “Queen Proof” of the beginning of the relationship between Pique and Clara Xia.

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“queen test”

Gerard Pique and Clara Xia Marte went viral on social networks because their kissing was recorded.


Instagram @3gerardpique / @clarachia55

The recording that the entertainment “show” alludes to dates back to August 2021. Pique then spoke with “streamer” eBay Janus.

As seen in the footage, a woman, who will be Clara Shea, passes behind the player while he is speaking.

These photos confirm that in August last year, Clara already had confidence with Gerard to walk around her house in a tracksuit while Shakira traveled with her kids.The narrator of the video explains.

“Pique calls Clara to help him with his vocal problems. She passes from behind,” the voiceover is heard.

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At the time, Pique was still with Shakira. In fact, he answers in the “broadcast”:
“The truth is I’m doing very well, on a household level very well.”

Now, with the revelations about the scoring, the former defender is once again in the eye of the hurricane.


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