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20 years for the Graduate School of Communication Sciences – SudCaliforniano

La Paz, Baja California Sur (OEM-Informex) – Graduate College Chair in Communication Sciences. Eliana Peralta Valencia informed this medium that this year the “College of Journalists” celebrates its twentieth anniversary and to celebrate this occasion, the Board of Directors is preparing various activities this year, starting with a competition to design the commemorative image of the twentieth anniversary that concluded on February 17.

He stressed that the next activity is to hold a meeting of the members of the Board of Directors, and this Saturday, March 4, in the Sudcalifornian Center for Conferences and Expression, the General Assembly will be held in order to submit a report on all the measures that have been implemented. By the management of the Board of Directors as well as to know the progress of the projects proposed in the previous meeting and new projects for this year.

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He added that on Saturday the new active members of this group of professionals who submitted their application and were also accepted will be introduced since they have the legal and legal requirements necessary to be active members of this association of professionals accredited by the SEP who have an address and a professional license to practice the profession of communication in any branch of different branches of knowledge.

He also said that on that day the communicator who won the design competition for the commemorative image of the twentieth anniversary of that school will receive a prize, a cup with the image of the school, and a mention on the school’s social networking sites, in addition to this year’s distinction that all the official stationery, website and social networks of the school will be carried This commemorative design is a distinguished professional contribution.

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Finally, he invites all professionals graduated from the communication profession, interns or graduates, to come to the school to learn about the benefits offered by belonging to the college, among which stands out the accessibility of training and professional certifications through the institutions with which the school has an agreement and through its membership card also access To discounts in some establishments.