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12 Perfumes Very Few People Use (With Special, Lasting Scents)

12 Perfumes Very Few People Use (With Special, Lasting Scents)

If you are one of those The fragrance changes with the seasonThis piques your interest. We’ve already signed up Bestselling Delicate Fragrances Fall After Fall (and 5 other bestsellers) as well as a selection of The perfect Zara perfume to wear during the fall/winter months. The truth is that when the temperatures drop, the fragrances Sweet, powdery with woody notes They are the main protagonists: cedar, vanilla, musk, patchouli, amber, coffee, praline, jasmine, bergamot, sweet orange, pink pepper, cloves …

Today, we want to take it a step further and share it with you 12 fragrances that very few people wear that are perfect for this time of year. Some of them have floral notes (with notes of coffee and vanilla), others mix bitter almond and resin with oriental notes … they all have one thing in common: they are little-known niche fragrances that will arouse the curiosity and aroma of those around you..

Keep scrolling to discover the fragrance collection we have prepared, and it will surprise you! s If you are into the classics moreDon’t worry, because here we leave you too The 12 Best Selling Perfumes of the Past 50 YearsPerfume that broke all sales records and established itself as the most desirable scent in the world.

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