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10 richest cities in the world;  three from us

10 richest cities in the world; three from us

Experts base the top 10 on how fast a millionaire has grown in the last 10 years in major cities of the world

1- New York. It entered at number one on the list. The report found that from 2012 to 2022, the city experienced a 40% growth in its population of high net worth individuals.

According to a Henley & Partner report, New York City is home to 340,000 people worth more than $1 million, 724 cent millionaires and 58 billionaires. The Big Apple is home to the largest number of individual homeowners with a very high net worth of over $30 million, according to a 2021 report from financial intelligence and insights firm WealthX and real estate platform REALM.

2- Tokyo. The Japanese city has a population of 290,300 and has a high purchasing power. Tokyo is home to 250 cent millionaires and 14 billionaires.

Tokyo saw a 5% drop in the growth of its population of high-net-worth individuals between 2012 and 2022. Despite this. Tokyo accounts for 21% of millionaires in Japan.

3- The California Bay Area, which includes San Francisco and Silicon Valley, ranked in the top three. The Gulf region is home to 285,000 ultra-high net worth individuals: there are 629 millionaires and 63 billionaires. It saw a 68% growth in its population of high net worth individuals between 2012 and 2022.

5. Singapore. This city has 240,100 people with at least a million dollars. 329 millionaires and there are 27 billionaires. recorded an increase of 40% in ten years.

6- Los Angeles. This American city has seen a 35% increase in its purchasing power. 205,400 has at least one million dollars. 480 millionaires and 42 millionaires.

7- Hong Kong. It had a decrease of 27%. 129,500 have at least one million dollars. 290 millionaires and 32 billionaires.

8- Beijing. This Chinese city has increased its purchasing power by 70%. 128,200 has at least one million dollars. 354 millionaires and 43 billionaires.

9- Shanghai. This Chinese city recorded the largest increase, according to the report, at 72%. 127,200 have a million dollars, 332 are millionaires and 40 are billionaires,

10- Sydney. This Australian city scores 35% in the report. 126,900 Sydneysiders have at least $1 million. 184 millionaires and 15 billionaires.

Chicago remained at the gates of the summit. This city ranked 11th with 295 millionaires and 24 billionaires. It has increased by 24 percent and there is a record 240,000 people who own at least $1 million.

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