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1 Million Puerto Ricans Obtained VACU-ID

1 Million Puerto Ricans Obtained VACU-ID

Chief Innovation and Information Officer, and Director of the Office of Innovation and Technology Services (PRITS, for its English acronym), Enrique Volkers-Nen, reported today that one million Puerto Ricans have been able to obtain their VACU ID.

“We are extremely proud of the teamwork and achievement that has been made just two months after the launch of this innovative platform. Receiving people has certainly been central to this effort, and we value the confidence in the possibility of having a digital government, accessible for the benefit of citizens,” said Folkers-Nen.

The COVID-19 vaccination credentials are available for Android and iOS devices and can be managed through CESCO Digital.

“Today, we proudly celebrate the result of hard effort, but above all, teamwork alongside the Departments of Transportation and Public Works and Health. We are a fairly new agency, modern, but in a short time, our work has made a difference in people’s lives, especially helping traders With an additional tool that helps prevent the epidemic,” the CEO said.

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He stressed that organizations can use the same CESCO Digital application to validate the vaccination guide for citizens through a QR code that is generated once the data validation is done with the Ministry of Health and the VACU ID is available in the application.

Völkers-Nin once again urged Puerto Ricans who do not yet have a VACU ID to access and process CESCO Digital.

“We have a system that is easy and safe to use. Remember that this does not replace your vaccination card, it is still fully valid. However, with a VACU ID, you will be able to have an easily accessible proof of vaccination without the risk of losing the official card issued by the VACU. Diseases and their prevention.

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